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Tune-Talk (Tone Excel) - Prepaid That Pays

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Tune-Talk Prepaid Business Opportunity

Today, Hand Phone Is a Necessity In Our Life

We use Hand Phone Every Day, Reload and Pay Bill Every Month

1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years.....

What Do We Get?

Your friends, family, relatives reload their Hand Phone......

Company earn... Do you earn anything?

You earn RM 100? RM 500? RM 1000?.... Or Nothing?

Here I would like to share with you a Reload Business,

A Business Opportunity founded By 4 Malaysia Companies

(Celcom, Tune-Talk, Tone-Excel, Airasia)

Which Give us an Opportunity to earn!

It co-operate with Celcom, provide prepaid services.

While Tone-Excel open up the market

through Tone Excel Plan

The advertisement fee that should be pay to advertiser

are now pay to their member as commission.

This is a win-win situation where

Company Earn, Member Earn !

Why participate into this programme?

1. Free AirAsia Ticket

Everytime you reload you will accumulate tune-talk points

that can redeem for FREE AirAsia Ticket.

There are NO EXPIRY DATE and you can keep

the point or collect the points until whenever you want.

You may redeem FREE AirAsia ticket that fly to Singapore,

Taiwan, Thailand, Shang Hai, Brunei..

2. Free RM100K PA Insurance Coverage

Free PA Insurance From Tune Insurance

The policy covers Death or Total Permanent Disablement

for RM 100,000.00 subject to

minimum monthly top up of RM 50.00. (TnC Apply)

If anythings happen to you,

your family will have the protection.

Try to think about it, you buy insurance outside for

few hundred per month. Here, you get it for FREE!

3. Business Opportunity

You only need to top up RM 20.00 every month then

you will get the reload commission from your downline


Everytime your downline reload at any location, you get the


4. You can use back your old hand phone number

If your old hand phone number is register under your own IC,

then you can use back your old hand phone number.

For postpaid, you only need to make sure it is register

under your own IC, you had clear off all the bill

and convert back to prepaid line at your old company,

If you decide to use a new tune-talk number,

you have the option to choose the last 4 digit.

As example: 010-888 xxxx,

is choose by you.

5. Monthly Lucky Draw

If you reload more than RM80 you will have the chance

to win RM 200 cash reward bank in to your bank account.

6. Easy to reload

You can reload at any hand phone shop, 7/11, shell, maybank2u..

You only need to tell them you want to reload for tunetalk.

Basic Information about Tune-Talk Tone-Excel Simcard

And Tone-Excel Plan

Tone-Excel is the main company operate the Tone-Excel plan with the help of

tune-talk prepaid service provided by Airasia and Celcom.

Ibu Pejabat Tone-Excel

B-2-8 & B-3-8,
Jalan 3/149E, Taman Sri Indah,
Bangunan Endah Promenade,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 010-5000 969
NO:LESEN (861591-U)

  <<-- Tune-Talk Tone-Excel Sim Card

One(1) Tunetalk Tone-Excel Sim Card is RM 90.

(Free RM30 Credit)

This sim card is not only a sim card, it let you participate into

this programme and get your own member ID.

You will using tune-talk line (Signal strength same as celcom)

Earn downline reload commission


Information about Tone-Excel Commission

1. Fast Track Bonus:

For each person you introduce, you earn RM20. You can sponsor how many people you can. No limit!

2. Downline Topup Commission:

You introduce person-A, person A is your level 1.

person-A introduce person-B, person-B is your level 2.

person-B introduce person-C, person-C is your level 3.

Tone-Excel pay you their reload commission up to Level 3 and each level you can introduce unlimited friends.

  How much you can get for each level?

  If you reload more than RM60
Level 1: 6%
Level 2: 3%
Level 3: 11%
Level 1: 10%
Level 2: 3%
Level 3: 13%
No need to service, No need to remind,

they reload by their own.

Even when you sleep, once they reload, YOU EARN!!

When I Can Get My Commission?

1. Fast Track Bonus:

Sim Cards Registered During These Periods Fast Track Bonus Payout
1st until 15th of every month Payout on end of the same month
16th until end of every month Payout on 11th the following month

1) Payout will be made irregardless of any amount.
2) Each transaction fee is RM3.

2. Downline Topup Commission:

Payout is made 21st of every month.

Minimum Monthly Topup Of RM20

- Culmulative self topup of RM20 or more within every calendar month in order to qualify for your recurring passive income.

Minimum Referral Earning Payout

- Your recurring passive income will be tranferred into your bank account when it reaches RM30 or more. Kindly ensure that your bank info is correct.

1) Each transaction fee is RM3.


Well-known U.S. financial intelligence expert,

Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"

Robert Kiyosaki

"Something that need you take money

out from your pocket is called Liabilities.

Something that will put money

into your pocket is called Assets"

No matter how cheap your call rate

of your current phone,

You still need to reload, pay bill every month,

you take money out from your pocket.

This is Liabilities

Tone-Excel pay commission,

put money into your pocket,

This is your Assets.

You want Liabilities or Assets?

Join Us Now

Let Us Be a

Smart Hand Phone User Today !!